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Tucker's Point Residence Club - Tucker's Town, Bermuda


Tucker's Point Residence Club - Tucker's Town, Bermuda


Tucker's Point Golf Clubhouse Lounge - Tucker's Town, Bermuda

THE MEYER GROUP is a consulting company that specializes in professional development services for new construction and renovation projects. Formed in 1998 by Robert E. Meyer, THE MEYER GROUP represents thirty years of experience in development, architecture, interior design, purchasing and construction. Mr. Meyerís extensive and well-rounded background allows him to understand and anticipate project requirements before they become costly problems. This experience provides for design as well as construction solutions that address owner concerns regarding aesthetics, functionality, schedule and budget. Previous clients include AT&T, BMW, The Camberley Hotel Company, First Union National Bank, Ford, General Motors, Goodyear, Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental Hotels, Jefferson-Pilot, John Deere, Lincoln Hotels, Marriott, Omni Hotels, Peninsula Hotels, Rite Aid, Ritz-Carlton, Staybridge Hotels, Tuckerís Point Club, Turner Broadcasting Systems and Walt Disney World.

THE MEYER GROUPíS approach to project management is simpleÖ..TEAM WORK. We are the team leader and provide direction so other consultants can perform their jobs better. THE MEYER GROUP represents the ownerís best interests in successfully completing a design and construction project on time and on budget.


Tucker's Point Residence Club Pool - Tucker's Town, Bermuda


Tucker's Point Residence Clubhouse - Tucker's Town, Bermuda


The Algonquin - New York, New York